Importance of Performing CPR During Emergencies


Emergencies require immediate assistance. Based on studies, 88% of people who suffered cardiac arrests out of the hospital die. Thus, it is crucial that prompt and proper cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is performed to improve a person’s survival rate. Knowledge of CPR is important to prevent the occurrence of death. This response prevents brain death by supplying the brain and other organs of the body with oxygen. Not only is CPR vital during cardiac arrests, but this is also helpful during drowning incidents, especially if no medical professionals are around to assist.

The first and foremost step to saving their lives is performing CPR. MedLife CPR, LLC offers first aid CPR training in The Bronx, New York. We deliver a full extensive course on developing your first aid skills through CPR and AED use. By equipping yourself with these skills, you can save a life, be it your loved one or a stranger.

We also offer ACLS Training in New York which teaches individuals to effectively and promptly respond to emergencies situations in the first few minutes until a medical help of professionals arrives.

To know more about our certification services, you may visit our website at, or give us a call at 347-384-6880.

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