Learn The ABCs of Performing Proper First Aid


First aid refers to the immediate care provided to someone ill or injured before the emergency response team arrives on the scene. Administering it right away can help save lives.

If you have undergone first aid CPR training in The Bronx, New York, you should know the important things to remember. We have a created a little summary called the ABCs of First Aid as a refresher.

  • A stands for airway. During your BLS or ACLS training in New York, checking the airway is the first thing that you need to do. A blocked airway can hamper a person’s ability to breath.
  • B means breathing. Being able to breathe ensures that the body gets oxygen. So check if the person is breathing or not. In your training, you will learn how to give rescue breaths to aid the other person.
  • Lastly, C stands for both circulation and compressions. Check if the person still has a strong pulse. This will indicate if blood is still being pumped throughout the body. If no pulse is palpable, apply chest compressions to restore circulation.

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