What to Do in an Emergency During a Pandemic


With the pandemic still posing a threat to our health and safety, people may be more skeptical than ever to step forward and help during an emergency.

As a professional provider of First Aid CPR Training in The Bronx, New York, we’re giving you a few tips on how to make first aid as safe as possible (for both yourself and the person you’re helping).

  • First Aid in the Community

    Although social distancing is still important, there are other ways you can provide first aid during an emergency outdoors.
    For example, if someone has a nasty cut or wound, you can ask them to apply pressure on the wound while you get in touch with the proper emergency services (911).

    In the event that the patient isn’t able to follow your instructions (e.g., the patient is disabled or unconscious), you can stay safe by wearing a face mask and washing your hands before assisting.

  • Checking for Breathing During COVID-19

    When checking for a person’s breathing, DO NOT feel their breath by placing your ear close to their mouth. Instead, watch their chest for any rise and fall movement. Contact 911 IMMEDIATELY if you feel like your patient is no longer breathing and proceed with normal CPR.

  • Preparing for Emergencies

    Knowing how to respond to emergencies during a pandemic is essential for everyone’s health and safety. For professional ACLS Training in New York, you don’t have to look any further than MedLife CPR, LLC!

Our Certification Services will get you certified and ready to assist in any situation in as little time as possible.
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